Italian Open Championships

2018 World Para Athletics Grand Prix


The Italian Open Championships will offer classification opportunities in the days prior the start of the competition. 
International Classification panels will be available for the following impairments:

VI – Visual Impairment

1 Panel

II – IntellectualImpairment

1 Panel

PI – PhysicalImpairment

3 Panels

An athlete will only be permitted to undergo classification if he or she:

  • Is registered and/or licensed with World Para Athletics pursuant to the relevant provisions in the World Para Athletics Rules and Regulations, and
  • Has been entered into the Recognised Competition where International Classification is to take place.
  • Has uploaded a Medical Diagnostics Form (MDF), for athletes with PI or VI impairment, or TSAL, for athletes with II Impairment, to SDMS within the specified deadlines.

Where classification schedules are full, athletes who are licensed will take priority over registered athletes.

World Para Athletics will aim to schedule all athletes with New (N) and Review (R) sport class status for classification. Should there be more athletes than the available slots on the schedule, WPA will give the discretion to NPCs to choose which athletes they prioritise for classification.

Athletes who require classification need to licensed when submitting their entry form.Therefore they need to purchase the RED package.


Athletes scheduled for classification should take note of the Athlete Evaluation Requirements of the World Para Athletics Classification Rules and Regulations.


All NPC/NF delegations must comply with the World Para Athletics Classification Rules and Regulations.


For any queries or clarifications, please contact World Para Athletics.